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“With a smooth and soulful voice that erupts with emotion after each and every line, Leah Flanagan is an undiscovered gem in the Australian Music Scene.”
                                The BRAG

“Equal parts Lucinda Williams and Shirley Bassey, Flanagan is a rich talent… “
                                Sydney Morning Herald

"Leah Flanagan writes beautiful songs and sings them in a voice you can sink into, cushiony comfort without a single rough edge – it makes you feel like you’ve come home."

                                 Deborah Conway

LEAH FLANAGAN melds an ageless voice with complex and alluring lyrics in a combination that has audiences entranced. It’s a sound reminiscent of singer/songwriters of the 70‘s that has captured hearts with laments and celebrations of love, sincerity and soul.

Since re-locating from Australia's tropical north to Sydney in 2012 Leah has teamed up with some of the scene's finest musicians both in and out of the studio and has been developing new material with award winning Australian music legend Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) as co-producer and engineer and Niall Anderson (Gin Wigmore) in the Producers chair. The team have sinced released a single and limited edition EP in early 2014 for the tender enigmatic exquisite soul ballad Everything.

"Everything soars from its gentle rhythmic poise into a paean of strings and spare but joyfully restrained guitar and as always, Leah’s voice is the lynch-pin, ushering a reverent melody through grooves evoking the uncomplicated love of a classic era."

From strikingly simple and direct solo recordings, to numerous festival and television appearances Leah Flanagan has built a career on always looking ahead – taking that next creative leap to make something that inspires her as much as her audiences.